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Search for abrasive tools according to the application you are doing 😊.

Professionally select a tool for your machining process. Choose the application you want to make, the power tool you are using and the material you are machining. Our system will pair you with the best grinding solution available.

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Tarcze do szlifowanie Hells Bells® Ceramic SG Dysk 3M™ Roloc™ GB-DR light Grinding and Blending (Dysk do delikatnego szlifowania i ujednolicania) Dysk z włókniny prasowanej REDO PL-RD NERO™ (NEROdisc™)

Largest 3M distributor in Poland, Distributor of 3M products, 982C
3M Distributor

Polish abrasive tool manufacturer, Polish tool converter from 3M materials

REDO is engaged in the production and sale of specialized abrasive tools. We are one of the largest Polish converters of 3M™ abrasives with exclusively Polish capital, and additionally distributor of ASD (abrasives) and PSD (personal protective equipment) divisions.

We are the largest Polish converter of 3M brand abrasive materials.

Polands fastest grinding belt production

Belts for every size

Endless belts are a significantly developed and appreciated group of products. Used in practically every manufacturing plant, they are the most popular abrasive tool. The basis of their production is a durable grain embedded in a layer that prevents spontaneous loss and a backing bearing an abrasive layer.


3M™ Xtract™ is virtually dust-free grinding

Steel processing, effective solutions offered by REDO and 3M

The materials open-fiber network structure does not overheat and resists clogging, while evenly distributed aluminum oxide abrasive particles ensure excellent quality and consistent machining results. The aluminum oxide contained in Scotch-Brite™ Surface Conditioning discs exhibits excellent abrasive properties appreciated by many industry professionals. It retains a longer life than traditional minerals (i.e., garnet) due to the systematic and even breakage of the grains during operation to expose new cutting edges.

Bonding power - at the touch of a finger.

Strong bonding of a variety of substrates - from paper to metal. 3Ms portfolio of industrial spray adhesives is designed to make installation fast, convenient and efficient.

XO and XC PRO cleaning disks

The disks combine redesigned fiber weaves, resin and aluminum oxide-based mineral abrasive grains to form a thick nonwoven fabric with an open construction. The springy nature of the fibers makes the discs conform more precisely to the surface providing better contact with the workpiece and faster cleaning.

Deburr & Finish Compressed Nonwoven

Scotch-Brite™ Deburr and Finish PRO Unitized is a new design designed to make various metalworking applications easier and more efficient. Most abrasives provide a good result for only one application: deburring, finishing or uniforming. This multi-purpose disc is unique in that it is designed to be used successfully in all three applications.

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Surface Conditioning PRO nonwoven

Scotch-Brite™ surface conditioning disks will help you take the first step toward cleaning, uniforming, deburring and finishing without undercutting the base material. The durable, open non-woven structure resists glazing, providing a high sanding rate, uniform finish and longer run time. With a variety of gradations and sizes, this Scotch-Brite™ product line offers a solution for every job.

Modern solutions for surface finishing

3M™ SCOTCH-BRITE™ nonwovens comparison